5 Common Causes of Fire Damage in Oklahoma City, OK

As a homeowner, fire is always on your mind. You’re worried about everything — electrical wiring mishaps and sparking appliances — that could lead to fire and smoke damage in your home. There are countless fire hazards in Oklahoma City, OK, homes. According to the National Fire Protection Associated, there are, on average, a reported 355,000 house fires every single year across the country.

Here at Restoration 1 of OKC, we’re committed to reversing fire and smoke damage. To prevent a fire from occurring in the first place, we’ve noted some of the most common fire hazards around the home. If you take steps to eliminate these hazards, you can cut down the risk of fire.

Common Household Fire Hazards

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common fire hazards around the home.

1. Kitchen Fires

The kitchen is a hotbed for house fires. From the open flames on the stovetop to a hot pan sitting on a cooling rack, there are countless ways a fire may start in your kitchen. To avoid a fire, keep flammable objects well away from the stovetop, continuously monitor while cooking, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

2. Electrical Fires

Your home relies on electricity for just about everything. At times, a frayed wire or a malfunction may lead to a fire. Unlike most flames around the home, an electrical fire cannot be put out with water. It will only worsen the situation. You need a water-free fire extinguisher.

3. Smoking

Many homeowners still smoke in the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, smoking in a relaxed environment, like at home in bed, may put you at an increased risk of fire because of a dropped lit cigarette.

4. Children

Children are often fascinated by fire. Their curiosity can be the downfall of your entire home, though. A child playing with a lighter, lit candle, or stovetop can lead to absolute disaster and serious injuries.

5. Heating Equipment

During the winter, you’re likely to turn up the heating system and pull out the space heater for the coldest nights. That space heater is problematic. If it’s placed too close to a couch or curtains, there’s the risk of fire.

Fire Prevention Safety Tips

Alongside learning more about the common fire hazards in your home, we’ve compiled a few worthwhile safety tips to consider.

  • Install working smoke alarms on each level of your home, inside of bedrooms, near appliances and cooking equipment.
  • Test your smoke alarms every month. If needed, change the batteries.
  • Discuss a fire escape plan with your family and practice the plan regularly — at least twice per year.
  • If a fire does occur, focus on safety above all else. Get out of the home, stay out, and call for emergency help.

You’ll find 24-hour fire and smoke damage restoration services from Restoration 1 of OKC. In the event of any type of fire, we’ll be there for you. Call 405-265-9133.