water damage cleanup yukon ok

Water Damage Prevention and Cleanup Tips for Your Home

Flood or water damage can be catastrophic; it leaves you with a disaster to cleanup before restoring or rebuilding. If you want to prevent water damage, make sure you have done everything you can to keep your property in good condition. The good thing is that you can prevent water damage in your household by taking simple preventative measures. From […]

water damage cleanup yukon ok

How to Minimize Water Damage After a Flood

Your safety and health always come first when deciding what to do during or after a flood in your house. Apart from the clutter and damaged belongings, a flooded basement can create several hazards that need extra caution. Bacteria and illness from raw sewage and other contaminants can enter your house based on the source […]

Water Damage Cleanup In Yukon OK

How Untreated Water Damage Is Dangerous For Your Home

Leaving water damage untreated in your Yukon OK home for an extended period of time is one of the absolute worst mistakes you can make. From our water damage cleanup experts at Restoration 1 of Oklahoma City here are four of the most severe consequences that can happen if you leave water damage unattended in […]