Act Fast to Lessen Potential Long-term Water Damage Cleanup Tips

water damage cleanup yukon

water damage cleanup yukonIf your Yukon home has a flood of water– either from a rainstorm or a broken pipe– you need to take immediate steps to control the damage. Have a clear plan ready that you can implement immediately to stop the damage. Any property disaster involving water will get worse the longer you delay a response.

When you are overwhelmed and upset about the disaster, you might freeze from the shock. Instead of letting anxiety keep you from acting, by making plans before an emergency, you can feel empowered. Plus, knowing what to do first will go a long way towards lessening the overall damage after water damage occurs.

Mentally work through the process today, in a time with now stress. Then keep these essential steps in mind when you have to address a water-related disaster in real life. You’ll be better prepared to go through the process of getting your property and your life back to normal.

First Things First!

Stop the source of the water problem to stop the snowball of damage. Shut off the water main at the box by the street if you can reach it safely. Focus on “Safety First”! If it’s a situation involving contaminated water, like sewage or gray water, just get out and let the experts (with their safety gear) handle it.  

Switch off the electricity at the circuit breakers. If you reenter the space, wear protection: rubber gloves, waterproof boots, long sleeves and pants. Unplug and remove all electrical appliances from the area. Grab documents or art at risk Then get out of the room and get on the phone. 

Contact Your Insurance Company And Call Restoration 1 of OKC

Your insurance company is a vital resource in helping you navigate an emergency. Make an effective claim by calling them ASAP and follow all steps the insurance company requires you to take. Get the claims adjuster on site  quickly to confirm the damage. Then they will share their estimate of the cost of repairs.

Your responsibility is to keep detailed records, receipts, photos, and video of the damage.

At the same time that the insurance company is getting organized, call your local water damage cleanup experts– Restoration 1 of OKC. The technicians will be dispatched quickly with enough equipment and manpower to access your mess and begin cleanup today. 

What To Do While Waiting For The Experts To Arrive

Since Restoration 1 of Oklahoma City will dispatch the technicians right away, you can maximize the time before they arrive. Concentrate on  drying things out ASAP.  If you can start drying now, and the team can complete the process in 3 to 4 days, you’ll really keep the potential for mold down. 

If it is safe to enter the room, focus on the most expensive and fragile items first. Take small furniture out of the danger zone. For heavier stuff, place aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpet. Pick up area rugs get them off the floors. Can you get them to the driveway or the garage? 

The Restoration 1 team will bring professional grade equipment to move and dry the air. So look at your space and create clear corridors with easy access to the electrical outlets. Imagine that the team will need to work for several hours or days in  the affected areas; grab your laptop, phone charger, insurance documents and anything else that you’ll need during the process.  

How The Experts Clean and Restore Your Property

Calling on professionals, such as Restoration 1 of Oklahoma City, is the most effective way to manage the complications of recovering from water damage. Experts with years of experience can quickly determine what is salvageable and what needs to be discarded.

For example, drywall, insulation, flooring, carpeting and baseboards may need to be removed and replaced. After the original flood, moisture can stay hidden in porous materials. Professionals bring specialty equipment such as moisture detectors, hygrometers and remote cameras to find trapped residual water.   

For Quick And Capable Water Damage Cleanup In Yukon 

After water damage, your home could experience growth and spread of mold and mildew. The doors, windows, and wood flooring may swell and warp, and metal may begin to rust and corrode. At the same time, there is a possibility of serious biohazard contamination. Who can you turn to in Yukon for help?

Restoration 1 of OKC is the company you can trust in the face of an unexpected disaster in your residential or commercial property. As a company that prioritizes customer  satisfaction during their time of need, they are available 24 hours to respond to flood, fire damage, water damage, and mold removal.