Choosing the Right Restoration Company in OKC

When it comes to choosing the right restoration company, this is not a decision to take lightly. If you experienced a catastrophic event resulting in water damage or fire & smoke damage, you have already been through so much. The last things you need to worry about are the credentials and trustworthiness of the team you are entrusting your property to. Here are some tips on how to choose the right restoration company in Oklahoma City, OK.


When it comes to anyone working on your home, you need to make sure that everyone has the right professional qualifications. When doing your research, make sure that the required qualifications of all of their technicians are listed – that means they take the qualifications seriously. Property restoration is a serious field, as it incorporates both emergency response and precise work to repair your home or business in a timely, thorough manner. The men and women employed by a reputable restoration company should have plenty of experience, and all work performed should always be both licensed and insured.

Customer Service Standards

From the moment you first make contact with a company, you should be wowed by their customer service skills. How they treat their customers, in our opinion, is a reflection on their workmanship and how they will care for your property. Their dealings with you, the property owner, should always be respectful, prompt, and accommodating to your wishes. Nothing you ask should ever be considered an inconvenience, and their goal from the get-go should always be to impress you so much that you are compelled to write a favorable review on their work or recommend them to a friend.

Reviews on Workmanship and a Satisfaction Guarantee

The first place most people go to for guidance when selecting a product or service are reviews from former customers. When selecting a restoration company, always look at the reviews. No matter the line of work, businesses would do well to go above and beyond, as that is the key to retaining customers and earning new ones – even when it comes to property restoration! Look for reviews on their workmanship, how thorough their processes are, and, most importantly, a satisfaction guarantee policy. The best companies out there offer guaranteed satisfaction because they have enough pride in their work and enough respect for their clients to stay until everything is to their liking.

Restoration 1 of Oklahoma City Is the Company You Are Looking For

Here’s the thing: we love what we do at Restoration 1 of Oklahoma City. We love helping people, restoring homes, and providing immense relief to those in our community who have endured destructive events in their commercial or residential property. We would be honored to earn your trust and business as your 24/7 property restoration company after disaster strikes. Contact us at 405-265-9133.