How to Minimize Water Damage After a Flood

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water damage cleanup yukon okYour safety and health always come first when deciding what to do during or after a flood in your house. Apart from the clutter and damaged belongings, a flooded basement can create several hazards that need extra caution. Bacteria and illness from raw sewage and other contaminants can enter your house based on the source of the water. Flooding can also damage your home’s electrical supply and gas systems, posing a risk of fire and electric shocks. From our water damage cleanup experts, the following are some vital steps to take after a flood to reduce damage to your house and family members.

1. Shut Off Electricity

If your property starts to flood, one of the first steps you should take to safeguard your family is to turn off all of the power in the flooded places. Even when the flooding has not yet reached the outlets, the danger of electrocution while working in the area remains high. Equipment in the basement, like the furnace, refrigerator, washing machine or dryer, should always be shut off. If water levels have reached the electricity entrance box, contact your local power company and request them to turn off the electrical supply to your property. Be very cautious when you deal with electricity during a flood.

2. Prevent Sewer Backup

Sewage backups normally happen when rainwater gets into the sanitary sewer, which overloads the system. This system overload creates a backflow into the property, commonly through the basement. To keep this from happening to your house, make sure any sewage holes in the basement are plugged or covered, including sinks, floor drains, toilets, and bathrooms. You could use hardwood plugs, screwed caps, expandable plugs, or any other option.

3. Examine Your Sump Pump

Checking your sump pump regularly will help you avoid flooding and costly water damage cleanup in your home. Wash the pump and pit, then test it by filling it with water. Check that the discharge line is carrying water some feet away from your property to a well-drained region that is sloping downward from your property. The water can reverse back towards the building and flow down into the foundation if the discharge is on flat ground or too near to the foundation.

4. Transfer Valuable Items to a Higher Location

Another step to take to reduce water damage caused by a flood is to store your belongings higher up. Make sure to place irreplaceable items such as photographs, tax documents, high school yearbooks, financial information, personal DVDs, and home inventories on top shelves or in waterproof plastic containers. Important documents should always be copied and preserved in a more secure area that is less likely to be flooded.

5. Anchor Fuel Tanks

During a flood, a fuel tank has the potential to tip over or float. This could result in a fuel spill and a fire hazard. Cleaning up a property with fuel in floodwaters is twice as hard, so be sure to anchor your tank to make things easier and safer. Ensure any ventilation systems or fill line openings are all above expected flood levels.

Call Water Damage Cleanup in Yukon OK

After a flood in your house, the measures you take are critical to protect your home and keep your family safe and secure. Do not try to take the water out by yourself, the safest course of action is to call the professionals.

If you need fast water damage cleanup in Yukon OK, call the crew at Restoration 1 of OKC. Our services include 24/7 water, sewage damage, and flood remediation services. We will use the best methods, staff, and tools to make sure your house is spotless, secure, and dry as quickly as possible.